Saturday, January 23, 2016

Romantic Candles Set For Your Valentines -Romantic Rose and Raspberry White Chocolate Boxed Set of 2 -8 Oz Scented Jar Candles with Wick Dipper- Soy Wax Blend -Made in the USA (Red Rose/Pink)

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These candles look very elegant and beautiful. Their quality and design is perfect and I love that they are handmade. They come in a very nice box that makes it an excellent gift option especially for Valentine’s Day and birthdays. Their container and the heart shaped metal are very cute. Their scent is very romantic and wonderful. It is impossible to not love them. The scent is strong enough to add a touch of romance to your room atmosphere. They are the most gorgeous candles that I ever had. Also, all my family members love these candles and my sister opens the jar of these candle everyday just to smell them. Since they are soy candle, they burn very clean and don’t create soot. In addition, a heart shaped wick dipper is included in the box for smoke free candle extinguishing. I love the idea that I can reuse mason jars for different purposes after using the candle. I am very satisfied with the quality and design of this product and I 100% recommend these beautiful candles to everyone who enjoys the scent of chocolate and roses. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

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