Saturday, March 5, 2016

NordicNordic - Hand Picked Chaga Mushroom Tea, Product of Finland (Cocoa & Peppermint)

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This was my first time that I tried Chaga mushroom tea. To be honest, I never heard about Chaga mushroom tea before ordering this product. Also, I did not have any idea about the taste of this tea. I ordered cocoa and peppermint flavor. It is very easy to prepare this tea. You just need to add an individual tea bag in hot water and wait for several minutes. The taste is very pleasant and I like it. I can smell the peppermint aroma and when I drink it, I like the mild taste of mixture of cocoa and peppermint ingredients. I like to drink this tea warm and mix it with milk but this is optional. I am very happy with the taste of this tea and I recommend anyone who likes to drink a healthier tea. I received this tea at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

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