Saturday, August 20, 2016

ActionFly Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light and 8 Mode LED Bedroom Night Light Ocean Wave Projector Speaker Music Play Lamp Children Kid Gift

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This is a very nice projector. It is ideal to be used in living room and bedroom. The quality of this product is excellent. It comes well packaged in a nice box. An audio cable, a USB AC cable, and an AC cable are included with this product. The great advantage of this projector is that it has the ability to work with 4AA batteries, USB cable or DC plug. It is very easy and convenient to use it. It creates a relaxing and magical atmosphere that is very beautiful. It has 8 different modes. It turns off automatically after one hour so it is great if you want to use this before sleeping. You can plug in your music device and listen to your favorite music while you enjoy looking at cool ocean wave patterns created by this projector. Also, this projector is perfect to be used for holidays (especially for Christmas) and party decorations. I love using this projector in my living. If you want to create a romantic and relaxing environment in your living room and bedroom, then I 100% recommend this projector. I am very satisfied with this product and I enjoy using it so much. I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

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