Thursday, September 22, 2016

INDIEGOGO for ASWY - SPACO Home Theater System

They just launched their new project SPACO Home Theater System in IFA Berlin this month, and they’ll launch it on Indiegogo soon. This product looks amazing and I am super excited to have an opportunity to try it. Please check their SPACO landing page and their video channel to know more about the only home audio that offers all these features mentioned here.

Product Features:

Voice command and SPACO app for music play lists, streaming platforms, social chat so that you can talk to people even if they are on the other side of the world. Play your radio and TV through the speakers. Commands include power on/off, volume, next, previous, play, pause, mute.

Multi-Room & Room-to-Room Chat- each of the 6 pieces can be placed in different rooms giving you music in concert across the whole home, or different music in each room. Set up individual speakers and their names and speak to family in different rooms across your home with the two-way speaker and microphone.

Levitating Speakers frictionless sound pulses out pure, unadulterated sound to every part of the room, with Omnidirectional true 360-degree Surround Sound, meaning the same quality sound no matter where you are in the room.

Levitating Charging means 365-Days Always-On Audio. The tweeter doesn’t need to fall down to charge.

Lighting - designed to emit a circle of light from each speaker, you can choose from a whole spectrum of color to create the right mood for every occasion. Power on or off individual speakers/lights placed in different rooms.

Wi-Fi Extender - create a meshed, whole-home Wi-FI network, meaning no dead spots and Wi-Fi shared with multiple devices around the home.

Noise Canceling Technology – SPACO will hear your voice even in noisy environments.

SPACO landing page:

Video channel:

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