Monday, October 17, 2016

Unreal Chocolate

I was selected to host an Unreal party! This was my first time that I tried unreal chocolates and I love them. They are non-GMO, fresh, with less sugar, no gluten, no corn or soy. Their taste is so good and with every bite, you can tell that the taste is very better than other brands since they try to use real, non-artificial and no junk ingredients in their products. It was interesting to know that they use beet root, carrot and red cabbage juices to color their candy coated chocolates. I invited some of my friends and relatives to my party. They like these chocolates too. Even some of them who don’t like peanut butter said that they like these chocolates because the taste is very fresh and it is different from other peanut butter chocolates that they have tried before. These chocolates are available at target or at I really enjoyed trying them so I highly recommend these chocolates.

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